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Risks of Losing Baby Teeth Too Early

 child grinning revealing few baby teeth Baby teeth are meant to fall out gradually over time. Behind baby teeth, permanent teeth start to erupt, causing the tooth to finally fall out as the root becomes worn down. What occurs if a baby loses a tooth too soon? A number of factors might cause baby teeth to erupt too soon. This might lead to dental or orthodontic issues if the permanent teeth are ready to erupt. However, this situation can be easily resolved by contacting our dentist at Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry.

Reasons Why Baby Teeth Are Lost Early

In some situations, the baby tooth may need to be extracted before the permanent tooth is available to come in. A baby tooth might be unintentionally knocked out. There are several potential causes, including accidents, sports injuries, and other wounds.
Gum disease is brought on by plaque accumulation on the teeth. If gum disease is not addressed, the teeth may become loose and possibly fall out. Baby teeth may fall out early because of several medical issues, such as bone disorders and childhood cancer.

Problems Associated From Early Baby Tooth Loss

When baby teeth are lost too quickly, it can lead to crowding, shifting, and irreversible tooth damage in addition to other dental and orthodontic problems. A gap in the mouth left open for too long can eventually cause the neighboring teeth to shift into it. These teeth will most likely be out of place, which might prevent other baby teeth from falling out as they should. The permanent tooth might not be able to emerge correctly if the teeth in the open area are too near to one another. If the temporary teeth have shifted and put pressure on the permanent teeth as they erupt, the permanent teeth may be damaged.

What Should You Do if This Happens?

You need to contact your dentist right away to schedule an appointment. A pediatric dentist can discuss the best way to proceed regarding your child. Your child's teeth and mouth will be checked by a dentist. To find the permanent teeth and verify there hasn't been any gum injury, x-rays will likely be required. There may not be a need for treatment if the permanent tooth is only starting to emerge. However, it can be required to use a space maintainer if the permanent tooth is not yet ready to sprout. The space maintainer can be either a fixed device (like a retainer) or detachable. The space maintainer will be unnecessary after the permanent tooth erupts.

Contact Smile Kids Pediatric Dentistry if Your Child Loses a Baby Tooth Prematurely

Contact Smile Kids! Pediatric Dentistry if your child loses a baby tooth before it is ready to erupt. These scenarios are common to us. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your child's mouth to identify the best course of action. If required, we can provide a space maintainer. Call (276) 663-0065 to arrange a meeting or a consultation. It gives us great joy to give your child first-rate dental treatment.
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